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Serenity Studio

We are the leaders of online first aid courses.

3 areas where we distinguish ourselves:


In order to keep your attention, we have designed short and fun videos and formative quizzes. You also have the option to ask your questions anytime in the comments section or reach us by mail or phone.

100% online and remote

Forget about weekend classes. You no longer have to endure everyone's anecdotes and endless breaks. Take your course at your own pace in the comfort of your own home, even for the practical exam.

Designed to help you save lives

In class courses are designed to meet MINIMUM standards. Our online courses are so effective that we have been able to improve knowledge retention and add more content to exceed the norms.


Receive a first aid card directly to your address.


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What about practice?


Rest assured, we take this aspect of training very seriously.

In addition to answering 100% of our training quizzes, you will have to send us a video of you performing 2 specified maneuvers.

We already have more than a thousand non geeky students that have done it.

Once done, you will receive custom feedback from our first aid instructors.

Our best sellers

Training that meets your needs and exceeds minimum standards

Business first aid course

Our 16 hours online training saves you time and money, as you avoid travel and slow class flow.


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First aid in childcare

You have to follow your 8 hours first aid training? Do it online like thousands of educators who have trusted and enjoyed our course.


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First aid for families

Simple knowledge can save your child from drowning, your wife or husband from a stroke, or your parents from a heart attack. Don't wait to face impotence, train yourself now.


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An exceptional partnership!

In addition to offering first aid training in an innovative way, we are now able to offer FREE training to teenagers from 14 to 20 years old. thanks to the Save Lives Foundation.